Website Design, Development, and Management – XHTML, CSS, Color Scheme, Layout, WordPress, Invision Power Board, Gallery2, and OpenX
  • • Designed, developed, maintain, and run this popular video game/interactive entertainment website.

  • • Designed the custom layout and theme mockup using Adobe Fireworks and then converted the image after completion into standards-based Semantic XHTML and CSS keeping accessibility and usability standards in mind throughout the development process.

  • • The custom theme mentioned above was then integrated into the WordPress blog/content management system, Invision Power Board message board and Gallery2 photo gallery to make the whole site have a consistent look and feel throughout.

  • • Developed the custom PHP code to integrate WordPress and Invision Power Board login systems to provide one login method for the full website.

  • • Installed and configured WordPress plugins to add additional features and options to the WordPress system.

  • • Developed custom RSS/XML feeds for the news and other articles on the website that were used for multiple years before switching to the current WordPress-based site. Also developed the custom podcast RSS feed to support iTunes’s standards before moving to WordPress.

  • • Developed the logo, branding, and color scheme for the website, business cards, brochures, and other marketing material.

  • • Perform MySQL database backups and restore backups when needed.

  • • Integrated Google AdSense banners and other advertising throughout the site using OpenX PHP and MySQL-based backend advertising application.

  • • Optimized title, keyword, and description tags for better search engine placement. Also optimized pages with proper heading tags (H1, H2, H3, etc.) and semantic XHTML for search engine optimization.

  • • Co-host the site’s video game audio podcast and created the intro and ending as well as edit everything together using Audacity audio editing and recording software.

  • • Write video game reviews, news, editorials, interviews, and other articles for the website on a regular basis.

  • • Manage the staff of the website and make sure they are working on the reviews and other articles needed.

  • • Maintain relationships with the different marketing departments and public relations companies that work to promote the latest video game releases.

  • • Work closely with advertising agencies to get their ads on the website.

  • • Keep a presence within the website community and try to help members with any questions or problems they may have related to the website or video games in general.

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